About Us


In 1980, Charles Le Mesurier took his love and knowledge for engines and reconditioning and setup the business, Motoreco. Noticing a lack of consistency and professionalism with the industry Charles set out to provide something the industry was lacking. The business was set up in Wodonga, Victoria to take advantage of the valuable position between Melbourne and Sydney, providing fast and easy access to customers and parts suppliers.

Initially focusing on domestic engine reconditioning, Motoreco grew it's knowledge of the industry and moved into specialist commercial diesel and large heavy rigid engine reconditioning. Our workshop is equipped to handle all of your commercial and industrial requirements, no matter what size the job, including:


  • Diesel, Petrol or Gas Reconditioning

  • Cylinder Sleeving

  • Performance Engines

  • Boring

  • Boat, and Motorcycle Engines

  • Honing Stationary Engines

  • Aluminium Welding

  • Crack Testing

  • Engine Balancing



  • Crankshaft Grinding

  • Conrod Reconditioning

  • Milling

  • Valve Re-facing

  • Large Capacity Grinding

  • Hardness Testing

  • Head Machining

  • Cast Iron Welding

  • Line Boring


Offering up-to-date industry knowledge and backed by a large network of trusted suppliers we offer a complete service from pick-up and initial clean down to final testing and reconstruction. We are fully accredited and all our services are guaranteed for your peace of mind.Motoreco also understands the importance of cleanliness within the reconditioning industry and how cross-contamination and carry-over debris can cost time and money.In our workshop we follow a strict code for the cleaning and machining of all engine components to ensure you the fastest and most effective service, and we back it up by using the best cleaning and grinding fluids avaliable.